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All used in English ---New concept English--Lesson three-- Sorry, sir.  

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Hello, Boys and girls. Today we will learn Lesson three---Sorry, sir Todays story is related to the umbrella, after that to ask you a question, please take the problem to listen the story.  Does the man get his umbrella back?   

The video link is


First part: read and watch the video.  please answer the question. Does the man get his umbrella back?   

     My coat and my umbrella please.   Here is my ticket.   Thank you, sir.   Number five.   Here's your umbrella and your coat.   This is not my umbrella.   Sorry. sir.   Is this your umbrella? Is this it?    Yes, it is.   Thank you very much.  

So now can you answer this question? Does the man get his umbrella back?   Yes . He does. Although a bit difficult, the man finally find back his umbrella.

The second prat: Lets take a look key words and expressions of this lesson.

umbrellar   number    please    sorry     ticket     cloakroom  

The third prat: Lets take a look at language points of this lesson

1----My coat and my umbrella please. This is an omitted form of imperative sentences, complete sentence should be Give me my coat and my umbrella, please . In spoken language, the verb and the indirect object can be omitted when the context is clear. For example: ( Show me your ) Ticket, please.  Show me your ) Passport, please. A cup of coffee, please.  

2----Number five.  Please pay attention to the difference of word order in Chinese and in English, For example: In English the word class comes before the word two and the word Room comes before the number 103. In Chinese the word two is in front of class and 103 is in front of the word room.

3----Here's your umbrella and your coat. .  Here's is the abbreviated form of Here is.  Here's....Its a kind of usage the inverted sentence. For example: Here is my ticket. This sentence in the natural order should be like this-- My ticket is here. 

In fact some grammar books say that-s- can only be used when the subject is a person, not a thing or idea. For example: The owner of the house is returning tomorrow. Not the owners house......

4----Sorry = I'am sorry.  This is spoken in abbreviated form, commonly used to express apologies to others or some degree of regret in social situations. Sorry and Excuse me, Although both is sorry in Chinese. But sorry often used to apology for his own sin, Excuse me , for the said formula slightly apologetic.

5----sir,  This is the title of the unknown man, the elder or superior in English. For example: in the service industry, the attendant to the male customer is usually called sir.   What  can I do for you, sir?  Thank you , sir.  

sir  often used in formal letter. for example:  Dear sir   or    Dear sirs .

Sir used before the name or the name of a knight (but not before a surname). For example:  Sir Willian Brown.

The forth prat: number

11-----eleven           12-----twelve           13-----thirteen            14-----fourteen            15     fifteen

The fifth prat: Grammar in use 

Negative sentence----To make a positive declarative sentence which uses be into a negative, add a not after the verb be.

In the first lesson we learned Is this your...... and its affirmative answer  Yes, it is .  Then this lesson is to learn the general question Is this your ...., its negative answer No, it isn't. 

isnt is a short form of is not.

For example: Affirmative sentence This is my umbrella.    

                Negative sentence This is not my umbrella.

              Negative sentence This isnt my umbrella.  

Look at a set of examples This  isnt my coat.   Is this your coat? No, it isnt. 

When you use the phraseset of, then the noun after it is plural. -set of examples

Lets read the text again. Please note how we use This is not my.... and  Is this your .... No, it isn't. in the text

My coat and my umbrella please.  Here is my ticket.   Thank you, sir.  Number five.       Here's your umbrella and your coat.   This is not my umbrella.   Sorry. sir.   Is this your umbrella? Is this it?    Yes, it is.   Thank you very much.  

When you are referring to a word, as a word (it is not part of the sentence really), it is best to mark it in some way. Some people use inverted commas ( word) and some people use italic typeface ( word ).

OK. Its all for today.  Thank you very much, see you next time. 



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