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2016.10.9 Life language (1)  

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Best wishes to the couple.  Three, two, one, happy wedding. You got such a sensible son, set up the business and getting married now. In the future, when you are old. You won't be worried about anything. How's your daughter? Just as before, no movement at all, she doesn't feel anxious, but I'm worried about this. If this matter happened before the liberation it would be easy to deal with, she has to listen to parents, she has to marry anyone we choose for her. If she wouldn't agree. She want to run away with someone who doesn't have a decent career , It doesn't matter, as she getting old, at least she got someone to be with, now you see, she even doesn't have a partner like that. You must invite us to attend her wedding. We will go to the wedding ceremony. I will invite all of you. Two of them pass through the unremitting endeavor. They finally farewell their status of "left over man" and " left over woman". So I suggest everyone there. let's clap our hands and cheers to bless them. Are you ready everyone? Follow me let's shout together , Kiss. I'm the person, who's suffered a lot. but still unwilling to give up. No matter how many time I told myself just give up.   I will never meet that person in my life the man who loves me and I love him as well.  But for me, I am dying to have someone to love me, can be with me, accompany me through the whole life. Love is a principle that I persisted for so long, Why should I compromise.  Hello, darling. I will finish soon. I am telling you, I just got "the best employee" award. Okay you should buy me a meal. How can I treat you. You earn much more than me.  Can you please give me half an hour more? I will finish a new document.  Here is the matchmaker net customer service hotline. We found that you haven't logged in for more than half a year. May I ask if you have? So annoying. I believe that someday the right person will receive my signal, then take a spacecraft to me. Only if I can wait. It's okay to be left. true love. Where the hell are you? Who exactly are you? Are you dead or alive? Mom. I'm just single, not dead. Don't you come here to play dead. How is your body check report? You must be robust and strong, hah. It still didn't come out. Say hello to the doctor. Why? Are you trying to insult me? Can you wear clothes a little bit decent?  This...this is hospital.  I am not walking down a cat walk. coming. Be quick, get up. Can you wear some nice colorful clothes? Alright good girl. Okay wait a moment. Finally meet in person. I'm going to get my blood test report. Have you had enough of this. I will go to his company by myself.  Xiaozhou, come down here right now. Is this kind of steal a ride? What's wrong? This is my new assistant. She is the Director of Marketing Sheng Ruxi.  Let's go. How did you know? I've seen your information before. I thought you got X-ray eyes. you are so brilliant. He is handsome, So charming. Xiaozhou, Hurry up, we are going to leave at 5.  You forgot! I asked for leave last week.  I have to leave earlier today.  I know. But now we got something urgent. So you can't leave earlier. I can't . I've not only got assistant to betray me. even my boss is showing off her happiness. Sorry, I should go by myself. No problem, Deal with your own business. It will be no problem by myself. I'd better find someone to go with you.  Who? Gentleman can you leave me your QQ number?  Okay. What an extraordinary thing to happen. It just cancelled. When I made phone call last time. I did have bad feelings. You two seemed devoted to each other. I will put two hundred more in the red pocket. Take your time to arrange your happiness, I'm leaving. You catch a cold?  The elevator is here. fog and haze. Sorry for keep you waiting.  But Mr. Xu has already gone out. and won't be back shortly. So two of you...  It doesn't matter. Please send word to Mr. Xu. As long as we can meet him, It is OK for us to wait. thank you. Okay. I just searched people around. This should be that secretary. Look up, What was she doing twenty minutes ago.  The cake my boss took back is so yummy. Clap clap love you. He came back twenty minutes ago. She gave us a bum steer. Miss. We really just need fifteen minutes of Mr. Xu. I hope you can make an exception for us.  I just told you  Mr. Xu won't come back shortly. Ms. Forget the purple of lavenders in Provence, right. Please tell Mr. Xu. Since he's already come back. Please manage his time to meet us.  We've chatted several times through the phone.  This is the first time to meet in person.  You are pretty young. Caught a cold. Actually I 'm here today. to ask you to help me out with a query. about is there anything we didn't do well or any other company made better suggestion on the planing. The opportunity to corporate is always there. This is sort of groundless talk. You should understand that you are working in this industry. Mr. Xu your phone. Excuse me. Mr. Tong. Oh you arrived.  I'll be there. Sorry. Some other day we can. Mr. Xu. The reaction from you and Miss secretary is the reaction that I 've seen every day for thirty years. of course I'm used that, but there are many patients like me. We all know the scar will never be healed in lifetime. So we have to find the other way to cover it. Why I always want to promote this cooperation. to import your machine. It's just because of this personal reason like most patients. actually I wanted to say thank you in the celebration party.  but I don't know if you are sill willing to give me this opportunity. What is that? Special effect make up. you even can do this. Will this be successful or not. we still have to wait for the second round of negotiation. In the end we will see if this can be a win-win business. It's not a talent show competition. the sadder story you tell, the more money you will get. If a story could conclude a transaction of twenty million. you must 've seen my pictures in every airport bookstore. You really deserve the title of director. It is so cool, I will try harder to learn more from you. Any more questions? Yes. Don't we have something to eat. right. What do you want? Can I decide? This store is nice. The noodle is very veritable. You haven't been here for a long time. I took my boss , Let her try your specially noodle.  Do you eat specy . I don't . one of no spicy. The other one is spicy. Okay.

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